On the market, there is a multitude of delivery management software that provides optimized routes. However delivery businesses need more than just navigation and route maps. Small businesses want delivery management software with cutting-edge features like customer tracking pages, proof of delivery, and driver tools.

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What is Delivery Management Software Used For?

What is Delivery Management Software Used For?

Businesses with sales agents, field service staff, or enterprises that provide goods delivery services utilize routing software to plan and optimize their deliveries. Delivery management, dispatching, fleet management, and daily delivery schedules are all made much easier when using software, saving hours of time. It uses advanced algorithms and digital mapping to find the best routes and manage delivery operations.

The 7 Best Small Business Delivery Management Software Solutions

Here is a list of the best delivery management software solutions for small businesses who provide delivery services:

#1) EasyRoutes

EasyRoutes Delivery Mangement Software
EasyRoutes Delivery Mangement Software

EasyRoutes makes delivery management easy. It helps you manage your deliveries on Shopify, from route optimization, to picking and packing, to dispatch and tracking. Select the orders you want to deliver and EasyRoutes will create optimized routes complete with packing lists and customer tracking links. You can then edit these routes, and share them with drivers, or you can deliver them yourself using our mobile-friendly driver mode.

EasyRoutes is seamlessly integrated with Shopify. You won’t have to waste time exporting and importing spreadsheets anymore, and when orders are updated in EasyRoutes they are updated instantly in Shopify.

#2) OptimoRoute

Delivery Management Software: OptimoRoute

Delivery staff can plan ideal routes and handle work orders with OptimoRoute, a cloud-based route management software. Live tracking and ETA, Real-Time Order Tracking, and Proof of Delivery are just a few of the features they offer.

#3) WorkWave Route Manager

Delivery Management Software:  WorkWave Route Manger

WorkWave Route Manager is a web-based delivery route planner that automatically creates the efficient and fastest routes. Features like violation notifications, drag-and-drop scheduling, and assigning last-minute orders make planning, routing, and GPS easier.

#4) Badger Maps

Delivery Management Software: Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a delivery route planning software developed to help field sales professionals get more done in less time. It establishes a mapping system that links customer accounts to sales channels. Some of the functions are similar to those found in field service management software or a field sales and service platform.

#5) OnFleet

Delivery Management Software: OnFleet

OnFleet is a sophisticated route planner with an integrated route optimization engine that takes into account location, time, capacity, and traffic to generate efficient and accurate routes. Integration with online ordering systems is possible thanks to the API.

#6) Circuit

Delivery Management Software: Circuit

It helps you manage your delivery operations by providing best-in-class route management, accurate ETAs, and driver tracking. Circuit offers a driver app that lets drivers optimized routes on the fly.

#7) Route4Me

Delivery Management Software: Route4Me

Route4Me is a simple route management application that enables small and medium-sized businesses to manage delivery drivers and create daily delivery schedules. Route4Me saves the field sales staff, repair professionals, and delivery personnel time and money every day.

Important Delivery Management Features You Need

Important Delivery Management Features You Need

Multi-Stop Route Management

One of the most important features required is multi-stop route management, and it allows you to not only create optimized delivery routes, but swap stops between them and add in last-minute orders with ease.

Scheduling & ETAS

Scheduling and ETAs features make creating delivery routes and changing delivery schedules considerably easier. Otherwise route optimization and planning becomes much more time-consuming.

Customer Notifications

In order to improve customer service and the entire customer experience with your firm, customers must be notified. Customers receive frequent updates on the status of their orders via customer notifications, including whether they have been delivered, are on their way, or have arrived at their final destination.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery in the form of images, customer signatures, and driver notes is a crucial feature. It informs the company and the customer that a product has been completed or delivered satisfactorily. It can be saved and retrieved from your store’s back-end at any time.

The Advantages of Using a Delivery Management Software

The Advantages of Using a Delivery Management Software

Route Optimization

Small businesses can save time and money on operations by using proper route optimization, and they can redirect that time and money to other areas of the company.

An Increased Number of Orders Can Bee Fulfilled

When routes are properly optimized, drivers will be able to fill the time saved with more work orders. If routes are well planned using delivery route planner software, drivers will be able to promptly manage new work orders or even make urgent adjustments to work orders. Business management may keep track of how long it takes to finish a delivery and fill in any gaps in the schedules of the drivers.

Automated Delivery Planning

Manual delivery planning takes a long time and requires a lot of concentration. Routing software automates all of the complex computations and updates in a couple of minutes. Our time is one of the most valuable items we have. Businesses cannot afford to waste time on tasks that an algorithm can simply execute. You can put the time saved to greater use by placing extra orders or responding to customer issues.

Operating Cost Savings

In terms of operations, gasoline, and payroll, it results in significant cost savings. Delivery management software will reduce operating costs while boosting income per driver. Small businesses can use delivery management to reduce their high operational expenses without sacrificing service quality.

Handle Delivery Constraints

Delivery management software make it easy to accommodate and manage routes based on delivery constraints like the number of vehicles, the maximum number of stops per route, the maximum distance per vehicle, and the route time. Your routes are optimized by routing software based on the delivery constraints you set for each route plan.

Improve Productivity

Delivery software can be used to identify inefficient drivers or routes. The use of route-based delivery constraints, as well as enhanced stop planning and organization, keeps a close eye on how drivers perform and complete their daily deliveries. This is achievable because to driver tracking. As a result, the driver’s overall productivity improves.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback and service aren’t limited to Amazon and other delivery behemoths. Small businesses must understand that a positive or negative customer experience has a financial impact. Email notifications, SMS notifications, real-time ETAs, quickly resolving customer complaints, synchronizing mapping data with customer data, and punctual delivery all improve the customer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of delivery management software?

A delivery management software uses a unique algorithm to create an optimal route sequence that covers all specified sites in the shortest amount of time.

What can be done to improve the efficiency of delivery management?

When it comes to route optimization, finding the shortest distance between two points is only one half of the equation. Consider things like speed, real-time traffic, and time windows when planning your trip.

Which method is the most efficient for routing multiple stops at once?

The easiest way to design an effective route with multiple locations is to use route planning software that analyzes data to identify the shortest distance between stops and save time and money.

Let EasyRoutes Delivery Management Software do the Heavy Lifting for You

The route management and optimization features of EasyRoutes delivery management software can benefit small to mid-sized businesses that handle logistics, whether in e-commerce, food delivery, or field sales.

We hope that this article has helped you figure out which tools look for in a delivery management solution for your business. We hope you’ll try EasyRoutes.

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