We’ve pushed some new features to the EasyRoutes multi-stop route planner to make it even easier for you to make local delivery routes and get your products into your customers hands!

1) Add orders to existing routes!

EasyRoutes multi-stop delivery route planner

Now you can add orders to routes you have previously created. Just select the orders you wish to add on your EasyRoutes Orders page and click the “Add to Existing Route” button!

2) Rename your routes!

EasyRoutes multi-stop local delivery route planner

Click the pencil icon next to the title of your route to quickly give it a new name!

3) Delivery notifications for your customers!

EasyRoutes multi-stop delivery app

When orders are marked as delivered, your customers will automatically be sent an email letting them know.

4) Inventory table updates

EasyRoutes multistop delivery routes planner

We’ve added the order numbers to the items in the Inventory to better help with packing.

5) Order weight information

EasyRoutes multistop delivery route app

We’ve added order weight information to better help those with vehicle capacity issues.

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