Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s one of the busiest deliveries days of the year for many businesses. We want to tell you about some of the great features EasyRoutes has to help you save time and make planning your deliveries stress-free this year!

Mother's Day Deliveries

Create Multiple Delivery Routes in Seconds

Working with more drivers to deliver for Mother’s Day? Select your orders and the number of routes you would like them split them in to. Use EasyRoutes to plan for many optimized routes, at the same time.

Route Editing Tools

Add, edit, re-order or remove stops – EasyRoutes makes it easy to modify the routes you create.

Share Routes with Drivers

Hiring extra drivers to help with your Mother’s Day deliveries? Share the routes you make with them. Your drivers an mark orders as delivered from the road and, because we are integrated with Shopify, your orders are automatically updated in your backend.

Handle Last Minute Orders

We know getting last-minute orders and putting them into delivery routes can be difficult to manage. With EasyRoutes, it’s a simple task to add orders to existing routes.

Optimized for Shopify

Our route planning app integrates directly with Shopify and your orders. No more having to deal with annoying spreadsheet exports. Do you want to quickly add recurring subscription orders or pickup orders to your planned routes? Do you want to plan your routes using your order tags? EasyRoutes does that – all inside of Shopify!

Get Peace of Mind with Photo Proof of Delivery

Provide peace of mind with proof of delivery for Mother’s Day. You or your drivers can attach a photo as well as optional note when dropping off a delivery. The link to this image will be attached to your order in Shopify, and you can even include it in your customer confirmation emails. (Available on Pro+ plans and above)

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