We’ve made some updates to EasyRoutes, your local delivery route planning app for Shopify.

1) Driver View updates

EasyRoutes mobile-friendly Driver View

Thank you for all the great feedback regarding our mobile-friendly Driver View! We have made a number of improvements to help a variety of workflows. Please keep the feedback coming.

Now you can enter Driver View at any time without having to fulfill your orders and mark them as Out for Delivery first.

How to access Driver View in EasyRoutes

If you want to wait to mark orders as Out for Delivery on a stop-by-stop basis, you can now do that under the ‘More options’ button in Driver View.

Mark as Out for Delivery

Does your workflow rely on Order Attributes and Tags? Now you can display them on your route page and in Driver View as well.

Shopify Order Attributes and Tags

2) Map pins change colour to reflect order status

Map Pins

Track the status of your route! The map pins change colour to reflect whether a stop was delivered or if there was a missed delivery.

3) Inventory shows number of items per order #

Inventory and Packing List

To help make your packing more efficient, we’ve added the number of items per order to the route inventory table.

4) View refunded orders

Refunded and Cancelled Items

View refunded and cancelled items within EasyRoutes.