Greetings from the EasyRoutes team! We’re constantly working to improve EasyRoutes Local Delivery to make your Shopify deliveries even easier. Check out these recent updates:

1️⃣ Redesigned route page

We’ve redesigned the pages you see when viewing routes to make planning your deliveries even easier.

1️⃣ Redesigned route page

Apart from moving various elements around to make them more accessible, we’ve also added a couple cool new features we think you’re going to like.

At the top of any route or route group you will now see some tabs:

Route page tabs

The Stops tab shows the map and your list of stops. Here is where you can edit your routes before dispatching.

The route inventory which formerly sat way at the bottom of the page now has it’s own Inventory tab.

And finally, we’ve added an Add Orders tab which allows you to visually add orders to routes without having to go back to the Select Orders page.

Add orders tab

2️⃣ New setup guide

New EasyRoutes users will now see a Setup Guide that offers a step-by-step walk-through of how to get started with our app.

Setup guide

For those of you who are already using EasyRoutes, you can re-launch this Setup guide in your EasyRoutes settings if you would like a re-fresher!

3️⃣ Improved order importing

Now when you import orders using a CSV you can preview them on a map first.

3️⃣ Improved order importing

4️⃣ Live print previewing

We’ve created a brand new live print preview mode where you can turn on/off the elements and information you want to see and view the changes live so you know exactly what is going to be printed.

4️⃣ Live print previewing

5️⃣ Time zone support

To better support businesses delivering across time zones you can now specify a time zone when scheduling routes.

5️⃣ Time zone support

6️⃣ Moving orders between routes is now easier

We’ve improved the “Add to existing route” page so that you can filter for the route that you’re looking for, and review the orders that you want to send on a map.

6️⃣ Moving orders between routes is now easier

We’ve also updated our “Send to routes” screen to make it easier to send orders from one route to another.

Send to routes screen

When you send orders to another route you also now have the option to send them over as new stops.

7️⃣ More packing slip and printing label customizations

We’ve made our packing slips and printing labels more customizable, including the ability to specify a width for your store logo.

Packing slips and packing labels

8️⃣ Various other improvements

  • You can now hide the “View Order” button on your tracking pages.
  • The Routes page now shows routes from the last 30 days by default instead of the last 7 days.
  • We now display orders notes in the pop-over that appears when you click a pin on the map.
  • We’ve made it more clear when you are dispatching a route to a driver that’s not using an active driver seat.
  • We’ve made some usability improvements to our Add Manual Stop and Edit Start/End Location pages.
  • We now show the total number of items when copying stops to clipboard.
  • Various UI improvements and small bug fixes.


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