Manually planning your day becomes a chore when you’re juggling multiple tasks.

However, professionals in industries like delivery, fleet management, and field sales must plan ahead.

While there is no way to avoid planning, you can use route planning software to streamline the process and increase your chances of success in 2021.

Along with helping you stay competitive, route planning software allows you to reach your full potential by allowing you to plan your days quickly and without added stress. You can spend more time on the job now that you’ve saved time on planning.

We asked a number of leaders from a variety of industries, including delivery services and field sales, to name their favourite route planning tool in order to write this blog. With this information, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently mentioned software, as well as useful details like:

  • The best route planners for your industry
  • Key features
  • Main benefits
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons

What is Route Planning?

The process of planning a route that allows you to make all of your stops in the shortest amount of time is known as route planning.

This procedure can be carried out manually or using outdated software such as Google Maps, but it is time-consuming and becomes extremely complicated very quickly. When planning, consider your preferred arrival time, the time it takes to get between stops, traffic conditions, and so on. Using specialized route planning software that automatically creates the best route for you is the most efficient option.

The most useful route management software, on the other hand, allows you to do much more than plan a route. Take, for example, EasyRoutes, Shopify’s most popular route planner software.

EasyRoutes is designed to streamline every aspect of the delivery process, in addition to route optimization. EasyRoutes’ features, which range from inventory and packing to customer notifications, allow you to make the most of your day and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

The Importance of Route Planning

If you want to maximize your efficiency, you must plan your optimized routes ahead of time.

Route planning saves you time and money by shortening your commute, lowering your fuel costs, and giving you more time to complete your tasks.

The advantages of using route planning software outweigh the advantages of manually planning routes. The majority of route planning software includes industry-specific features that help you streamline your processes.

You’ll get the following benefits from using route planning software:

  • You’ll always be on the fastest route thanks to navigation and real-time traffic updates.
  • The ability to change your schedule at any time and stay on schedule
  • Visualize your accounts on a map so you can make informed decisions and respond quickly to any changes.
  • On-the-go access to customer information

The Best Route Planning Software Tools for 2021

Here are the 27 best delivery, field sales, logistics/trucking, and road trip route planning tools.


1) EasyRoutes

Features: Route Optimization, Utilizes all orders, Share Routes, Driver Mode, Edit Routes, Proof of Delivery, Add Custom Stops, Notify Customers, Mark as Delivered, Drive Times/ETAs, Time Per Stop, Smart Route-Splitting, Route Inventory, No Bad Addresses, Customizable Views, Get Directions
Benefits: Features made specifically for optimizing the entire delivery workflow, not just routing
Cost: Free plan – $0, Solo plan – $9.99, Pro plan – $29.99, Pro+ plan – $49.99, Growth plan – $69.99, Growth+ plan – $99.99 (Free 14-day trials available)

In terms of route planning software for deliveries, EasyRoutes is the best delivery route planner on the market.

Determining the most efficient method of delivering products to your customers can be difficult. It’s mentally draining, and those hours could be better spent elsewhere in your company. Route planning, on the other hand, does not have to be this complicated or difficult.

EasyRoutes is a delivery route planner app for local deliveries that makes it simple to plan a route. You can then take your routes and share them with drivers, or you can deliver them yourself using our mobile-friendly driver mode.

Shopify and your store’s orders are seamlessly integrated with EasyRoutes. You won’t have to waste time exporting and importing spreadsheets anymore. Simply select the orders you want to deliver, and EasyRoutes will calculate the most cost-effective delivery route.

Advanced features in EasyRoutes make delivery planning a breeze. As an example, smart route-splitting divides your orders into as many optimized routes as needed. We also provide a route inventory that can be used as a packing list to ensure that you or your drivers have everything they need before departing.

Customer notifications are also handled by EasyRoutes: we can notify your customers when orders are ready for delivery, when deliveries are missed, and when a delivery is completed.

The delivery route app EasyRoutes was designed with simplicity in mind. There’s no longer any need to deal with cumbersome enterprise route planner apps. EasyRoutes makes it simple to plan routes.

Optimized route buildingRequires Internet connection
Share routes with driversNo mobile invoicing
Extremely easy to useOnly available in English
Very powerful and fully-features
Web-based means no need to configure apps
Great customer support

2) RouteSavvy

Features: Route Optimization, Turn-by-Turn Navigation, GPS Tracking System
Benefits: Can optimize routes with 100s of stops
Cost: $300/year for up to 3 users, $100/user/year for additional users

RouteSavvy is a delivery route planner designed for fleets of up to 100 vehicles in small to mid-sized fleets.

RouteSavvy is simple to use and allows you to make two types of routes. You have the option of creating a roundtrip or a start-to-finish route. For a better view of your territory, you can view multiple routes on the screen at the same time.

The app provides turn-by-turn navigation, or you can download and print directions.

Easy to useOccasional glitches
Multiple route viewCannot input customer delivery window

3) WorkWave Route Manager

Features: Route Optimization, Order Management, Customer Notifications
Benefits: Ability to input customer receiving window
Cost: Starting at $49/month/vehicle, Additional Pricing Available on Request

WorkWave Route Manager is a delivery route optimizer that allows users to plan their routes around specific time frames.

You have complete control over your route once it is created, and you can reorder stops at any time. You can also assign any last-minute deliveries using the “best fit” feature.

Drivers can use the app to update their managers on their success, share proof of delivery, check-in at stops, and much more. Overall, WorkWave Route Manager is a fantastic piece of software that will benefit both drivers and managers.

GPS trackingLong set-up time
Accurate ETAsIssues with reporting
Lack of advanced filtering

4) Circuit


Features: Real-time tracking, Route optimization, Create accurate ETAs
Benefits: Accurate ETAs based on driver’s history
Cost: Individual – Free up to 10 stops, $20/month for larger routes, Team – $40/driver/month Dispatch, $60/driver/month Recipient, $100/driver/month Premium

Circuit is a reliable option for a basic and easy-to-use multi-stop delivery route planner.

Circuit optimizes routes and even generates delivery ETAs based on previous deliveries and driving times. Drivers can also mark stops and pickups as “priority” or “time-sensitive” to ensure on-time deliveries.

Managers can use Circuit to keep track of drivers and view multiple drivers at the same time based on their previous stop.

Free up to 10 stopsOnly available as an app
Spreadsheet importing only available on Android

5) OnFleet


Features: Route Optimization, Search and Filter, Auto-dispatch
Benefits: Easy integration with other software tools
Cost: $149/month Starter, $349/month Basic, $799/month Premium, $1,999/month Professional

OnFleet may be the right fit for you if you need a delivery route planner with all the bells and whistles.

Route optimization, auto dispatching, delivery analytics, and customer communications are just a few of the features offered by OnFleet.

The OnFleet app also includes an internal communication platform that allows drivers to communicate with one another and receive real-time updates.

Easy set-upPrice
Real-time delivery trackingLacks some useful customization features

6) Flightmap

Features: Route Optimization, Live Traffic Updates, Store Locator, Customized Maps 
Benefits: Highly customizable maps
Cost: Free for Bootstrap, $209/month Growth, $375/month Premium

Flightmap is a map-making program that lets you create highly customized maps.
Your route, inventory, invoice, and client communication are all integrated with Flightmap.
They minimize any disruptions and delays by combining the best mapping APIs into one platform.

Despite the lack of a mobile app, you can download the maps to your smartphone and access them online for turn-by-turn directions.

Easy to useNo Mobile App
Can provide real-time updates to customersLimited features for sales

7) SpeedyRoute

Speedy Route

Features: Timeboxing, Location Reordering 
Benefits: Timeboxing feature
Cost: $10/day or $50/month

SpeedyRoute is an easy-to-use, no-frills delivery route planner that’s ideal for those looking for something a little less complicated. Speedy Route is now even easier to use than before, thanks to a recent interface update.

Speedy Route, which is available worldwide, optimizes routes for you and includes a timeboxing feature that ensures you arrive at a specific destination at a specific time.

You can also reorder locations with drag-and-drop at any time, giving you complete control over your route.

Easy to useNo mobile app
Free up to 10 stopsLimited features for sales

8) RouteXL

Features: Route Optimization, Data Import 
Benefits: Easy to import data
Cost: Free up to 20 stops, €35/month RouteXL 100, €70/month

For delivery drivers, RouteXL is an excellent route planner. It’s especially beneficial to small businesses because you can create a route with up to 20 stops for free.

You can either manually add destinations or import your spreadsheets to create routes. RouteXL optimizes your route automatically after you enter data. You can then share and export your route to a navigation app.

Easy to useNo Mobile App
Limited features for sales

Field Sales

9) MapBusinessOnline

Features: Route Optimization, Data Visualization, Territory Management 
Benefits: Easy to create and adjust sales territories
Cost: $500/year single-user Standard Plan, $900/year single-user Pro Plan, $475/user Standard Team Plan (minimum of 5 users)

MapBusinessOnline is a web-based sales territory management system that works with a variety of CRM systems.

You can create optimized routes and use a variety of data visualisation tools with MapBusinessOnline to get the best view of your sales territory.

Although there is no mobile app, you can export your optimized routes to a personal navigation device for turn-by-turn directions to your desired locations.

Easy to useNo mobile app
Required Internet connection

10) Geopointe

Features: Route Optimization, Territory Management, Geographic Searching and Analysis 
Benefits: Ability to visualize Salesforce data
Cost: $45 per user/month Annual Plan, Contact for Enterprise Pricing

Geopointe may be a good route mapping software for you if you use Salesforce as your CRM.

Geopointe makes it simple to visualize Salesforce data on a map, plan next steps, and create optimized routes. Geopointe has a number of features designed for sales professionals in addition to territory management features.

Because Geopointe isn’t a stand-alone solution, you’ll need to use Salesforce as your CRM if you want to take advantage of all of the software’s features.

Easy to visualize dataMust have Salesforce CRM
Easy to manage territoriesLacks advanced data filtering
Steep learning curve

11) ElasticRoute

Features: Route Optimization, Easy Integration 
Benefits: Can route up to 1,000 stops per plan
Cost: Free, $29/vehicle Monthly, $290/vehicle Annually

Elastic Route may be right for you if you’re looking for a route planning tool that focuses on optimization.

Elastic Route, perhaps one of the lesser-known tools on the list, is simple enough to meet all of your sales routing needs while also being complex enough to account for the fields that are important to you.

You can create a route in seconds by importing or manually entering your addresses, significantly reducing planning time.

Easy to useNo mobile app
Lack of customization

12) Mapline

Features: Route Optimization, Data Visualization, Territory Management 
Benefits: Data Mapping and Visualization
Cost: $0/month Starter, $30/month Plus, $60/month Pro, $90/month Enterprise (Prices for billed annually)

Spreadsheets make it difficult to visualize sales territories, but Mapline allows you to copy and paste spreadsheet data into the software to create a map of all your data.

Mapline makes trend analysis simple with segmentation, filtering, and other features, so you can optimize your sales territories and make other strategic decisions based on your data.

Route optimization is available in all Mapline paid tiers, so once you’ve analyzed your data and decided what to do next, you’re ready to go.

Easy to useNo mobile app
Limited features for sales

13) BatchGeo


Features: Sales Data Visualization, Embed Maps within Websites 
Benefits: Data Analysis
Cost: $99/month

BatchGeo is a great sales route planner for a variety of reasons, despite the lack of a route optimization feature.

The ability of BatchGeo to map valuable sales information such as customers, leads, and assets is its greatest strength. After you’ve created a map, you can visualize it in a variety of ways before making an informed decision about how to use the data.

You can still import your addresses and plot and route your destinations with BatchGeo; they will just be in a different order.

Free basic planNo CRM integration
Easy to useNo check-in and routing features
No live traffic updates
No route optimization

14) Badger Maps

Badger Maps

Features: Route Optimization, Visualize, Prospecting, Check-ins, Follow-ups
Benefits: Features made specifically for field sales
Cost: $49/month Business, $95/month Enterprise

Badger can be used as an all-in-one tool for route optimization, day planning, field access to CRM data, and territory management. All of this makes it easier to stay on top of client relationships and make timely decisions.

Badger’s sales-specific features, such as check-ins, follow-ups, and a prospecting tool, help you keep track of important customer information and never miss a sale.

Optimized route buildingRequires Internet connection
Ability to create custom check-insNo mobile invoicing
Automatic weekly reportsOnly available in English

15) OptimoRoute


Features: Route Optimization, Live Tracking and ETA, Real-time Order Tracking, Analytics 
Benefits: Multiple order parameters supported
Cost: $17.10 per driver/month Starter, $26.10 per driver/month Business, $35.10 per driver/month (Prices for Billed Annually)

OptimoRoute is a dynamic route planner with applications in a variety of fields, including sales.

Their main job is to plan and optimize routes that can be accessed via the web or a smartphone. OptimoRoute, on the other hand, does a lot more.

You can adjust routes at any time, keep track of reps working in the field, and plan routes for multiple days thanks to the app’s more than 50 features. OptimoRoute also has a number of features that are beneficial to delivery and logistics professionals.

Easy to useLimited customization
Ability to communicate with customersOutdates maps

Trucking & Logistics

16) Locus Dispatcher

Features: Route Optimization, Intelligent Clubbing of Orders, Transparency in Operations 
Benefits: Order Management Features
Cost: Not clear – pricing only available upon request

Locus is a comprehensive solution that does much more than just route optimization. Locus helps you streamline your distribution process by intelligently clubbing and sequencing orders, then allocating deliveries to the correct driver, all using deep machine learning.

Locus also lets you keep track of your drivers and alerts you to any route deviations or unnecessary stops, so you can keep your customers updated on the status of their deliveries.

CustomizableNo upfront pricing
Useful tools for managing ordersBug issues
Steep learning curve

17) DispatchTrack

When you work in the logistics or trucking industry, you have a lot on your plate. DispatchTrack makes it simple to get to your destination on time and keep customers informed.

DispatchTrack assists you in creating optimized routes that take specified delivery windows into account, ensuring that you never miss a deadline.

You can also keep customers informed by sending updates with DispatchTrack, significantly improving the customer experience.

Ability to keep customers informedNo upfront pricing information

18) ShipTrack

Features: Route Optimization, Administration Portal, Reporting & Analytics
Benefits: Complete visibility for customers in regards to their order
Cost: Pricing unclear – must contact for pricing

ShipTrack is a complete delivery solution that gives you real-time visibility into your shipments’ progress.

ShipTrack allows users to create their own workflow, create and adjust schedules for multiple drivers, optimize routes, update customers, and much more, in addition to tracking.

The best part is that ShipTrack is available on iOS and Android devices, allowing you to keep track of your deliveries while on the go.

Easy to customizeNo upfront pricing information
Available on mobile devicesIssues with offline capabilities

19) LogiNext Mile

Features: Route Optimization, Automated Real-time Resource Allocation, Proof of Delivery, Real-time Tracking 
Benefits: Real-time updates
Cost: Free, $20 per month/resource Basic, $30 per month/resource Premium, $49 per month/resource Advanced, Enterprise pricing available upon request

In an industry as complex as logistics and trucking, you need to invest in a route planner that goes beyond the basics to cover all of your bases.

LogiNext Mile is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage your entire process, including route optimization, automated resource allocation, and delivery associate management.

You’ll complete more orders, save money, and improve customer satisfaction with a more streamlined process.

Easy to useUnable to take into account time constraints
Good customer serviceLack of customization
Cannot alter route once started

20) Routific


Features: Route Optimization, Delivery Analytics, Dispatch to Driver App, Live GPS Tracking,
Benefits: Easy-to-use API
Cost: $39 per vehicle/month Essentials, $59 per vehicle/month Professional, Premium pricing available upon request

Routific is a multi-stop route planner that focuses on planning and optimising delivery routes.

Managers can use the Routific app to create routes and download them prior to dispatch, or send routes directly to drivers’ phones.

Customers can be kept up to date by receiving notifications about the delivery’s ETA and completion. They can even send a message to customers about their delivery if necessary.

Easy-to-adjust routesRequires Internet connection
Great customer serviceCannot alter route once dispatched
Bug issues with route optimization

21) MyRoute Online

MyRoute Online

Features: Route Optimization, Data Import 
Benefits: Simple to use and easy to save routes
Cost: Starts at $29

MyRoute has been used to plan over 5 million routes, making it one of the most popular tools in professional transportation.

MyRoute is designed specifically for trucking and logistics professionals, and it allows you to route up to 350 stops per route. Then you can optimize your route based on distance or time.

MyRoute is only available online, but you can download your address list to your GPS or mobile device.

Simple user interfaceNo mobile app
Maps upwards of 350 stopsLimited features for sales

22) TruckRouter

Features: Truck routes, regulation information, trip cost calculator 
Benefit: Specifically designed for the Trucking industry
Cost: Free

TruckRouter is ideal for small businesses because it is free and contains only the features you require.

TruckRouter includes truck-specific routes, weight/height restriction information, a trip cost calculator, and stop optimization, to name a few.

When it comes to truck warnings, toll roads and costs, and route elevation information, you’ll be better prepared than ever.

FreeNo mobile app
Outdated interface

Road Trips

23) The Dyrt

Features: Route optimization, Locate nearby campgrounds, Estimate fuel cost
Benefits: Campground Locator
Cost: Free, $35.99/year for Pro

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Dyrt trip planner is a fantastic tool. You can plan your own road trip or choose from one of the Dyrt’s suggested routes. You can find campsites near your stop and read reviews for each one when planning your route.

After you’ve created your route, you can share it with your travel companions or export it to Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.

Free OptionLimited features with free version
User-submitted locations, reviews, and tipsBug issues

24) Waze


Features: Turn-by-Turn Directions, Traffic Notifications, Mobile Speed Checks, Carpool
Benefits: Traffic, Hazard, and Police Detection
Cost: Free

Waze is frequently compared to other popular routing software like Google Maps, which is understandable given that Google purchased Waze in 2013. Despite this, Waze has a number of features that set it apart from other navigation apps.

Waze is unique in that it uses real-time user data to provide you with the most up-to-date road conditions, as well as police and hazard alerts.

Waze is a great road trip companion because it allows you to plan trips ahead of time and determine the best departure time based on traffic.

Easy to useCluttered layout
FreeThe app can be distracting (ads)
Traffic, hazard, and police detectionCan only add up to 2 stops

25) MapQuest


Features: Real-time Traffic Updates, Point of Interest Search, Hotel Booking
Benefits: Ability to create simple routes and find points of interest along the way
Cost: Free

MapQuest is the original road trip route planner and was the first commercially available web mapping software. MapQuest is a simple routing tool that can be used to create simple routes and find intermediate stops like gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores.

MapQuest is a smartphone app that provides turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates. MapQuest can also help you find and book hotels in your immediate area.

FreeLimited number of stops
ReliableNot designed for outside sales/delivery services
Easy to useDifficult to plot multiple stops

26) Roadtrippers

Features: Turn-by-Turn Directions, Live Traffic Updates, Point of Interest Search 
Benefits: Ability to discover independently owned points of interest
Cost: Free up to 5 stops or $29.99/year for Plus

Roadtrippers is the route planner for you if you want to plan an epic road trip. Roadtrippers is a web-based and mobile application that allows users to plan a road trip with up to 150 stops.

Travelers can use Roadtrippers to estimate their total gas costs ahead of time and find unique independently owned points of interest to visit along the way.

After you’ve created a route on Roadtrippers, you can sync it with the Roadtrippers app to get turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates.

Can route up to 150 stops (paid option)Only available for U.S. based users
Ability to discover points of interestsNot designed for outside sales/delivery services

27) Google Maps

Google Maps

Features: Routing, Turn-by-Turn Directions, Live Traffic Conditions, Street View
Benefits: Easy to use
Cost: Free

There’s a reason Google Maps is so well-known. It’s a simple route planner that you can access right from your smartphone. You can create a route for walking, driving, bicycling, or taking public transportation with just a few taps.

You can add up to 9 stops to your route, search for gas or food at any time, and get turn-by-turn directions with real-time traffic updates to ensure you get to your destination as quickly as possible.

Google Maps falls short as a route optimizer because it does not optimize routes with more than one stop.

User-friendlyLimited to only 10 stops
FreeCan’t set departure, arrival, or duration time
ReliableCan’t track customer information
Create optimized routes with up to 10 stops
Can’t view top priority customers at a glance


Features: Offline Maps, Offline Search, Offline Navigation
Benefits: Offline navigation
Cost: Free

When visiting a new location, getting lost can be a major hassle. Fortunately, provides you with offline maps and navigation.

Download maps and create navigation routes for travel by foot, car, bicycle, or public transportation using The app also includes a number of travel guides, so you can relax and enjoy your trip without worrying about finding wifi if you take a wrong turn.

FreeLimited features for sales
Offline Navigation

Final Thoughts

Using route planning software can set you apart from the competition. You’ll save time and money by cutting down on planning and driving time, allowing you to get more done each day if you use the right route planner.

What’s the tricky part? Choosing the best software for your company’s requirements. There are many options available, so it’s better to do your research rather than risk purchasing a route planner that isn’t a good fit.

If you work in delivery, the choice is obvious. The best route planning software on the market is EasyRoutes. Furthermore, it is the only tool that provides all of the features that a delivery team requires to streamline every aspect of their work.