Amazon has experimented, adapted, and now appears to be present in every element of online shopping. The days when Amazon only sold books seem like a bygone Internet era. It has educated us about our two-day delivery and “free shipping” addictions, and has raised our digital purchasing expectations in every manner as it has built its dominant business network. Along the way, several retail and e-commerce companies learned that they couldn’t compete with Amazon’s curation, scope, cost, or delivery. Small businesses may now compete thanks to solutions like Shopify, Supertime, and EasyRoutes.

While most customers love Amazon’s cutthroat convenience, the experience became inauthentic at some point. Furthermore, many customers were aware that Amazon profited from a major amount of their everyday spending. It felt lopsided as Amazon’s power grew, especially in COVID, where so many firms were floundering. Many customers want to support small companies in their communities, especially while the world heals from the pandemic. Last year in 2020, consumers spent $861.12 billion on online purchases from US merchants alone. Most people have forgotten about the distinct, more personalized experience that a lively Main Street provides.

By leveraging new technology partners like Shopify, Supertime, and EasyRoutes, businesses of all sizes can now compete with Amazon. In addition to better providing existing consumers with delivery, they may cater to new audiences and provide distinctive, branded, and efficient levels of service.

With Shopify Business of All Sizes Can Compete Online

With Shopify business of all sizes can compete online
With Shopify Business of All Sizes Can Compete Online

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for creating and managing online stores. It helps with the layout of a retailer’s website for a pleasant, customer-focused user experience, as well as payment processing. Over 1.7 million firms have built an e-commerce channel using its simple platform.

Collect Delivery Dates and Times with Supertime

Collect delivery dates and times with Supertime
Collect Delivery Dates and Times with Supertime

Supertime is a simple Shopify app with clever and adaptable features that allows your customers to choose a date and time for local delivery or in-store pickup right from the shopping page of your Shopify store.

Supertime gives business owners the power to control their time by allowing them to select all of the scheduling parameters they need to keep their operations running efficiently. You may choose which days of the week you want to provide deliveries or pickups, create time slots for clients to choose from, set order restrictions for specific time slots so you don’t get swamped, blocked-off dates, and more!

Use EasyRoutes to Power Your Last Mile Delivery

Use EasyRoutes to Power Your Last Mile Delivery
Use EasyRoutes to Power Your Last Mile Delivery

EasyRoutes’ last mile delivery platform allows Shopify businesses to take control of delivery and manage the last mile from their store to their customer’s door.

Thanks to it’s ease of use and powerful route optimization technology, EasyRoutes has gained a reputation as a trusted delivery leader. EasyRoutes is also directly integrated with Shopify, so your orders are ready to be routed as soon as you open the app.

Meet some Customers

Illuminate Food

Illuminate Food delivering sustainable farm boxes with EasyRoutes

Illuminate Food delivers farm boxes containing food sourced from the local farms around them. The boxes contain around 6-8 seasonal veggies and fruit, milk, eggs, yogurt or cheese, 1-2 specialty goods and fresh bread. They also include recipes that use that week’s ingredients, and access to a community where customers can share recipes and tips.

Lachér Patisserie

Same-Day Pastry Deliveries with Lachér Patisserie and EasyRoutes

You never know when the craving for dessert can hit you, so Lachér Patisserie offers same-day delivery just 3 hours from when you want your cake! In order to turn around deliveries quickly, Lachér turned to EasyRoutes, a powerful local delivery management app for Shopify that makes it simple to plan and dispatch delivery routes, to help manage their delivery workflow.


Poultry in motion: CityChick delivers chicken feed and supplies with EasyRoutes

Founded in 2015, CityChick ships chicken feed and supplies to chicken owners and farms across the United States, and they deliver locally in the Atlanta area. With products ranging from soy free organic chicken feed to coops to hemp bedding, CityChick has tested all the items that they carry in their online store to make sure they meet their high quality standards and that the chickens love them.

Level the Playing Field By Offering a Superior Last-Mile Delivery Experience

As customers emerge from lockdowns, they will seek out unique, tailored experiences. They may choose to go to a store or order delivery, which has become a more permanent habit for them. Any business, large or small, may establish an online presence, learn about digital shopping best practices, and then accommodate a customer’s pick-up and delivery requests. Shopify, Supertime, and EasyRoutes have teamed up to provide an alternative to Amazon’s stock offers and domination that is more economical and pleasant.